Registered Charity Number 1116148
Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP


Who can Apply?

Anyone can apply, but:

  • any physical site that is to benefit from the Trust must be located within the Parish of Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire, or the official catchment areas of: Lady Hawkins' School, Kington, Herefordshire; Wigmore High School, Herefordshire; Earl Mortimer College, Leominster, Herefordshire; or Tenbury High School, Worcestershire;
  • the beneficiaries of advice must reside in the above areas; or any individual or group that receives a grant must reside in the above areas.

It should be noted that the Trust will not usually award grants to projects that involve the restoration or construction of buildings or infrastructure except in the case of projects that promote road safety in which case infrastructure projects may be awarded grants. The idea is to help as wide a number of people as possible within the above areas.


What Type of Projects can Qualify?

Listed below are the four categories and examples of the kind of things you could do. Don’t forget, the work could fall into more than one category, and if it fits in with the Parish Plan that is a bonus. Have a look at the "News/Projects" section of this website to get a picture of the projects that the Trust has funded.

To support the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.
This could involve something like the excavation or restoration of a village pond, the provision of recycling facilities or advice to residents on how to achieve energy efficiency in their homes. The Trust aims to make grants to projects that can be categorised as “green” rather than the wider definition of “environment”.

To encourage biodiversity (the variety and number of plants and animals);
The kind of thing this category would cover is the creation or restoration of a habitat for indigenous species, or the provision of advice about how to encourage biodiversity in the garden.

To improve the health and fitness of young people through recreation.
Here a youth coaching or participation programme could be funded, or the provision of non-fixed recreational equipment such as portable goal posts/ basket ball nets etc. “Young people” means children under the age of 18.

To promote road safety
A very important issue that applies to all road users, this might involve Green Cross Code training for children, or appropriate road signage to help reduce speeding, encourage considerate driving and make sure that vehicles are directed along the most appropriate routes.

Special Conditions

In order to reduce the emphasis on grants which “improve the health and fitness of young people through recreation”, the following conditions were introduced for grants awarded from Autumn 2010 onwards.

The process by which grants are offered involves ranking applications based on how closely they meet the objects of the Trust and on how cost effective they are in benefitting the community.

This ranking system has been adjusted to disadvantage, but not to exclude, applications for grants to "improve the health and fitness of young people through recreation".

There are no restrictions to applying for such grants in successive rounds of applications or on the number of such applications in each round.

How to Apply

You need to fill in a simple application form which you can obtain by clicking on one of the links below.

Download Application Form in MS Word Format (.docx)
Download Application Form in MS Word Format (.doc)

Application form should be emailed to: 

Deadlines for Applications

Grants will be awarded at the Trustees meeting following the application deadlines shown below.


Application Deadline

Trustees Meeting

31st March 2022

6th May 2022


The receipt of applications will not be automatically acknowledged.

How Grants are Awarded

Upon receipt the forms will be checked to make sure that the application meets the qualification criteria set out by the Trust: that they fall within one or more of the four target objectives of the Trust; and that they meet the geographical criteria of the trust.

Any applications that do not fulfil the qualification criteria will not be put forward to the Trustees for consideration.

Applications that do meet the criteria will be put to the Trustees, who will decide at their absolute discretion whether a grant is to be given, the value of the grant and whether any conditions are to be made.

The project must be completed within a reasonable period of time following release of the funding, and Applicants must be prepared to send a short report on completion of the project, confirming that the work has been accomplished.

A condition of being awarded a grant is that the people involved with the project will cooperate fully with any publicity that the Trust might seek to generate from the funding of said project. For example this might include a photo-shoot and the creation of a press release about the project.

How You will be Notified

Following the meeting of the Trustees at which grants are awarded, you will be notified by post of the outcome of your application. No justification for the Trustees decisions will be given.