John Garbutt

Registered Charity Number 1116148
Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP

The Trustees

John Garbutt is the Marketing Director of Kingspan Insulation, and has been in the insulation manufacturing industry since 1989. In his role at Kingspan Insulation, John has been responsible for steering the business in carrying out the first independently certified Ecoprofile for any insulation material and the first independent and published three pillar sustainability appraisal for the manufacture of a building material.

John was also instrumental in the publishing of the ground breaking work “Insulation for Sustainability” by sustainability consultants XCO2 and has had three articles published in the latest edition of “The Green Building Bible”.

He is professionally and personally interested in the topic of sustainability and believes with a passion that manufacturers need to be open and honest about what they do, and that they should be responsible about what they make and how they make it.