Funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust has been used to purchase active play equipment for the Wigmore Baby and Toddler Group

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Active Play Equipment Purchased For Toddler Group

Wigmore baby and toddler group have been busy proving that you are never too young to start encouraging physical activity now that they have been able to purchase new outdoor and road safety equipment following funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust.

The group which is self-funded, charge £1.50 per family per session. This money covers rent of the room, insurance and snacks/refreshments for all who attend. Kelly Bowen, who runs the group, commented “The charge we make per family is only small and doesn’t really leave anything left over, so we decided to apply to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust to fund the purchase of new equipment.”

“We were really pleased when we found out our application had been successful. We received funding of £250 which has been used to purchase a range of equipment to encourage the youngsters to get active and also help them understand how to keep safe on the roads.”

The money from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust was used to purchase a range of active play equipment such as a football set, basketball hoop, balance bikes, croquet, crazy golf, swingball, hopscotch, pogo sticks, hula hoops and skittles which will not only encourage physical activity but will also help the youngsters hone their motor skills.

High visibility bibs were also purchased so that the children can be taken safely on walks as the majority of walking around the area involves being on a path on the side of the road. To further back up the importance of road safety a lollipop person play costume for the children to use in role play scenarios was purchased to help them understand and practice being safe on the roads.

John Garbutt, Chairman of the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust commented “There is no minimum age to when you should start encouraging physical activity, and we were delighted to provide the funding for the new equipment to Wigmore Baby & Toddler Group. The group offer a great facility to local residents with young children, and to see children less than 5 years old being encouraged to participate in physical exercise and learn road safety is fantastic.”

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