A grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust has helped to purchase new equipment for the CHAOS and CALM youth group.

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Church Youth Enjoy CHAOS And CALM

Young members of Sherburn Parish Church have been enjoying a range of indoor and outdoor activities thanks to new equipment, purchased with a grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust.

The CHAOS and CALM youth group was set-up seven years ago to provide a fun space within the church community for children approaching high school age. The group proved hugely popular, quickly accruing 20 regular members, leading the church to begin running additional sessions three years ago.

To make the most of the summer weather, the church planned to run extended holiday sessions including visits to a local park to play sports and other activities. They applied for, and received, £503 from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust to purchase a wide range of equipment including dodgeballs, a Kwik Cricket set, sticks and goals for indoor hockey and table tennis equipment.

Associate Priest, Rev. Martin Otter said:

“The youth group was lucky to inherit a table tennis table, but any other sports apparatus had to be made from scratch or borrowed from local schools. With the new equipment, we’re able to add more variety to the CHAOS and CALM sessions and allow the children to stay active.”

John Garbutt, Chairman of the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust said:

“We all enjoy different things, so it’s important that children and young people are given the chance to try out a variety of new sports and activities. We were very happy to be able to support the youth group in providing these opportunities to the local children.”

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