Children from Shobdon Primary School enjoy their new path

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Safe Strides At Shobon Primary School

Children from Shobdon Primary School can now have a safer walk to school thanks to a grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust. The school is on a busy main road and that, combined with the extra congestion at dropping off and picking up times, meant that a solution was needed.

Having produced a school travel plan in conjunction with the Local Authority which highlighted the issues relevant to journeys to and from school, it was decided that children should be encouraged to walk and cycle. However in order for this to happen the route had to be safer, this decision resulted in the creation of ‘Park and Stride’.

‘Park and Stride’ comprises a car park and footpath away from the road, providing a safer and more interesting route right up to the school. The footpath is also used by the village playgroup.

The village trust helped with the acquisition of the land for the car park and footpath, which was kindly donated by Corbett Farms and the £11,575 of funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust allowed the surfacing of the area to take place.

Vicky Hancock, head teacher of Shobdon Primary School said: “This Park and Stride project has not only been an excellent opportunity to improve road safety for our children and encourage them to exercise, but it has also pulled the whole community together.”

John Garbutt, chairman of the Trust said; “We were delighted with this application as not only does it meet the criteria of the Trust by improving road safety, but it also meets another of the four objectives by encouraging the health and fitness of young people.”

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