Pupils at Wigmore School have been enjoying their new cricket equipment

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Wigmore School Have A Good Innings

Cricket is a popular sport over at Wigmore School, and now that the school has received funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust, pupils have high quality equipment with which to practice.

Both the boys and the girls at Wigmore enjoy the sport, there is an extensive fixtures list and the school also provides players to Herefordshire CC junior sides.

Wigmore School put forward an application for funding to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust to replace their very dated existing equipment, and received just over £1,350. This money was used to purchase a wide variety of cricket equipment such as bats, balls, scorebooks, protective equipment including pads, gloves, boxes and helmets, stumps, bags and two ‘throw down wickets’.

James Sparey, former PE Teacher at Wigmore said “This new equipment has improved both the motivation of the pupils as well as helping to ensure their safety when participating in the club and inter-school fixtures.”

He added “Both the staff and pupils at Wigmore School would also like to thank the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust for its generous ongoing support for the PE department.”

John Garbutt, Chairman of the Trust commented “Encouraging healthy recreation amongst children is immensely important and the Trust was once again delighted to have been able to help Wigmore School do this.”

“It is great to see Wigmore School constantly look at ways of encouraging its pupils to participate in different sports, they are setting an excellent example to us all.”

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