Celebrating the transformation of an area of overgrown land into an eco-friendly ‘Wildlife Wonder Zone’

Trustee, Bill Wiggin MP, celebrated the opening of the Wildlife Wonder Zone

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Kingspan Funds Wildlife Wonder Zone At Kingsland Primary

A fund set up by insulation manufacturer, Kingspan Insulation, a company known in the construction industry for its eco-friendly, energy-saving products, has revitalised a run-down conservation area at a local primary school.

A grant of £8,425 from Kingspan Insulation’s Community Trust has allowed children at Kingsland Primary School to come up with an enchanting nature garden, which they have named the ‘Wildlife Wonder Zone’.

The children worked with Richard Fishbourne from natural gardening designers Wiggly Wigglers to transform an area of overgrown land into an eco-friendly Garden of Eden for wildlife.

The grant has allowed the defunct pond to be restored, providing a home for newts and scores of frogs.

As well as making a welcome environment for pond-life, the children are also encouraging birds into the wildlife garden by putting out their favourite food among the indigenous plants, which are being grown as part of the project.

Angela Daniel, Head Teacher at Kingsland Primary, said that the school was making the most of the grant. She added:

“The Kingspan Community Trust has helped us to create a wonderful area, which we hope will inspire our children now and in the future, to think about their environment and their own place in it.

“Every child in the school has been involved in this project and working on it has been very special. We wanted to encourage biodiversity in the garden and promote green issues in the school and in our community. We’re very proud of all the ideas that the children came up with and all of their hard work.”

Teacher Marion Webster, the school’s Eco Coordinator, leads the school’s ‘Eco Group’, which looks after the garden. The result of the Eco Team’s enthusiastic work was on show recently when the garden was opened to the local community for a talk and tour by the school’s young environmentalists.

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