Kingsland Brownies received funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust

Registered Charity Number 1116148
Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP

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Kingsland Brownies Are A Sporty Bunch

The members of Kingsland Brownies have been busy gaining their tennis badges now that they have enough equipment to practice their skills.

As part of the brownies programme, frequent physical and sporting activities are undertaken, and all the girls are encouraged to take part at whatever level they are able.

Val Davis, leader of the group said “We support the Healthy Schools Outlook, which is now encouraged by the new interest badges that Brownies can take. In order to maintain and promote this we wanted to extend our sporting equipment to enable all Brownies to participate due to the growth in numbers.”

“Obviously there would be a cost for this equipment so we put forward an application to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust to request the necessary funding which was subsequently approved.”

The Kingsland Brownies received just over £230 from the Trust which was used to purchase a number of tennis racquets, balls and a free standing net, as well as some hi-visibility waistcoats to be worn when the Brownies undertake outdoor activities around the village.

Although there are tennis courts at Kingsland School they are normally occupied by the public, so with this new free standing net the Brownies can simply set it up in the playground and get on with their game.

John Garbutt, chairman of the Trust said “We are always delighted to be able to help with projects that meet at least one of our four objectives and it is great to hear that the equipment purchased has not only encouraged the girls to exercise, but it has also provided them with plenty of enjoyment.”

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