Members of Kingsland Youth Club are keeping fit this summer

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Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP

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Sporty Youngsters At Kingsland Youth Club

Kingsland Youth Club has been up and running now for four years and in that time has grown rapidly to provide youngsters between the ages of 10-16 years with a place to go in the evenings and holidays.

The club is more than just keeping the children off the streets and providing a safe and secure place for them to go. It aims to enhance their personal development and social integration skills by offering workshops such as self defence classes, breakdancing, ceramic painting, cookery as well as sports and recreational activities.

Kingspan Insulation Community Trust has provided Kingsland Youth Club with a grant of just over £850 enabling them to purchase a variety of sports equipment such as Badminton posts, nets, racquets and shuttlecocks, footballs and tennis balls.

Jess Bytheway, founder of the Youth Club said “Having been around for four years now, and with our increasing number of members, our existing sports equipment was broken and worn down and would simply not do the job anymore.”

“It was actually one of the parents that brought the Trust to our attention and suggested we applied for funding. This grant has enabled us to purchase the new equipment and allow us to carry on encouraging the youngsters to not only work well together but improve their skills whilst keeping fit and healthy.”

John Garbutt chairman of the trust said “It is truly delightful that the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust has been able to provide funding for something that has benefited such a large number of children in the area and especially for equipment that they can use over and over again.”

Based at Coronation Hall, Kingsland Youth Club currently has regular weekly attendances of between 25 and 40 young people coming from Mortimers Cross, Orleton, Shobdon as well as Kingsland.

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