Lady Hawkins’ are reducing litter and improving the appearance of the School

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Lady Hawkins’ Bin It All

Litter is a huge problem throughout the country and Lady Hawkins School has taken a stance against it with help from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust.

Varying in size from small wrappers to large collections of waste, litter can occur by carelessness or by accident but it is more dangerous that people may think. Not only does it smell bad and look messy but it has the potential to cause harm to the health and safety of people, animals and the environment.

Lady Hawkins takes its role in the community very seriously and as a school with specialist status aims to play a lead role in education throughout the community. As such the school constantly encourages and increases eco awareness amongst its students.

Jo Allford, on behalf of the School put forward an application to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust for the purchase of six bins to be placed around the school grounds.

The application was approved by the Trust as it met the criteria for supporting the conservation and improving the physical and natural environment and therefore Lady Hawkins was granted over £600.

Kevin Gwynne, Bursar for Lady Hawkins said “It is hoped that these bins will make it easier for the students to make a conscious effort to dispose of their rubbish responsibly which will help the environment whilst also improving the appearance of the school grounds.”

John Garbutt Chairman of the trust said “We are very lucky to live in the beautiful surroundings of Herefordshire and as one of the things the Trust aims to achieve is to protect and improve the environment, we were delighted to enable the school to purchase these bins.”

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