Luctonians Mini and Midi Rugby Teams are looking like Pro’s

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Luctonians Mini & Midi Rugby Teams Look Like Pro’s

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch any of this seasons matches for the Luctonians Mini and Midi Rugby Teams, you may have had to look twice, as they could be mistaken for Pro’s!

Luctonians provides youngsters in the area with an opportunity to participate in competitive rugby, and importantly the Club understands the importance of investing in each individual player. As a result it is constantly looking for ways to help improve rugby skills, retain existing players and encourage wider participation.

As the cost of a new shirt could make a difference to whether players returned next season or not, the Club wanted to provide replacement shirts for next season’s U8 - U12 players, since many of them are growing out of their current shirts fast. It also wanted to remove any obstacles it could to finding a fresh cohort of U7 players for the new season.

Su Waugh of Luctonians said “With over 200 shirts needed, the cost soon added up to nearly £8,000 which is something the Club simply could not afford. In order to keep the playing costs down we put forward an application to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust for funding.”

“Luctonians have benefited previously from the Trust, and we were delighted when this application was approved as the new shirts have encouraged participation from the youngsters.”

John Garbutt, Chairman of the Trust commented “It just goes to show there is no limit to the number of times funding can be given to organisations, groups or individuals as long as at least one of the four objects set out by the trust are met.”

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