Shobdon Primary School pupils have been learning about nature in their new wildlife pond

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Shobdon Primary’s New Pond a Splashing Success

Until recently, toads and newts were frequently found making their home in the dark corners of the P.E. shed at Shobdon Primary School. That has all changed now with the opening of a fantastic new wildlife pond area, created with the help of funding from the Kingspan Community Trust.

The scheme, which the pupils decided to call ‘Kingspond’, included the planting of a variety of flora and fauna, native to Herefordshire, along with the construction of a wooden deck which overhangs the pond and allows pupils to study the amphibious life. The pond also features a wooden shelter with a living grass roof, providing an ideal shaded location for outdoor classes.

Shobdon Primary School received £5,500 towards the construction of the pond area from the Kingspan Community Trust, with further funds raised via the sale of produce and wormery fertiliser from the Envirokidz group based at the school.

In addition to the numerous ways in which pupils at Shobdon Primary School will benefit from the pond, the facility is also open for use by a whole range of community based organisations including Shobdon Youth Group, Mums and Tots and the Women’s Institute.

Vicky Hancock, Headteacher at Shobdon Primary school commented: “The new pond area provides an ideal location for pupils and local groups to explore and learn about the remarkable range of biodiversity so readily accessible in Shobdon”

“Whilst devising the project we felt it was very important that the students had a real sense of ownership over the facility. As a result the pupils were very involved in the planning, construction and planting of the wildlife pond area”.

Chairman of the Community Trust, John Garbutt said “Two of the Community Trust’s main aims are encouraging biodiversity and the conservation of our natural environment. The Shobdon Primary School’s wildlife pond achieves both of these goals and the decision to open the facility to local organisations means that the whole community will benefit from it.”

The Kingspan Insulation Community Trust provides funding to projects within the catchment areas of Wigmore High School, Lady Hawkins’ School, Earl Mortimer College and Tenbury High School in Herefordshire and Sherburn-in-Elmet in North Yorkshire. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be submitted. All that is asked is that they meet at least one of the Trust’s four objectives which cover conservation, encouraging biodiversity, health and fitness of young people and road safety. The final deadline for applications is 30th September 2012.

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