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Lady Hawkins Reaches New Heights

As the school record holder, district champion and H&W county runner-up you could safely say that Steve McKenna is the high jump wizz at Lady Hawkins School. All these achievements are despite having no up to date equipment to practice with at the school – imagine how far he can go now that the school has purchased top-notch training equipment.

The high jump landing mats, poles and stands that have been acquired by Lady Hawkins School, with a grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust, will not only allow Steve to improve his performance, but have also meant the introduction of a new activity into the school curriculum.

Vicky Lambert, head of girls PE at Lady Hawkins said “It’s been great to be able to cover all athletics events in the curriculum for the first time and the most exciting part is that at the latest school sports day school high jump records were set for the first time.”

“We decided to apply to the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust as we have students that are already in the district athletics team and we wanted to provide them with the opportunities to give them a chance at reaching their full potential as well as offering other pupils new experiences.”

Other successful applications to the Trust have been put forward by the school enabling the purchase of a variety of keep fit equipment along with monitoring technology, including heart rate and blood pressure monitors, body fat scales, flexibility equipment and peak flow metres.

Allen Brace, head of PE commented “This monitoring equipment provides a much more focussed approach to health and fitness in the school and allows the students to evaluate and monitor their own fitness levels and devise personal programmes linked with the other sports equipment we have.”

John Garbutt chairman of the trust said “With improving the health and fitness of young people through recreation one of the Trusts four objectives, these applications certainly met the criteria required and we are delighted to be helping so many local youngsters.”

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