Pupils at Shobdon School practising their bowling technique.

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Stronger Links With Schools and Sport

Schools in the local area are hoping to bowl each other over with the help of professional cricket coaching. Thanks to funding from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust, Luctonians professional level 2 Coach Nick Byron has been visiting Wigmore High School and Shobdon and Kingsland Primary Schools to introduce ‘Kwik Cricket’ and develop existing batting and bowling skills.

‘Kwik Cricket’ develops the core skills of bowling, batting and catching and took the form of a 6 week coaching programme at each of the primary schools. Students at Wigmore focussed on how to handle the transition to the hardball game as safely as possible by refining their batting and bowling skills. Poor bowling action has the greatest potential of any cricketing activity to cause injury.

Nick Byron of Luctonians said “These sessions benefit students enormously as this kind of professional coaching and the quality of its delivery exceeds what may normally be available to them.”

He added “The staff also benefit as they are mentored allowing them to develop themselves professionally by observing the learning activities occurring during the sessions.”

This project is just one of many put in place by Luctonians to help strengthen the school/club links whilst providing a positive healthy outcome for the students.

John Garbutt, Chairman of the Trust said “The introduction of this coaching programme will benefit a large number of children and the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust is delighted to be able to help.”

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