The new access gate to the play area in Shobdon village.

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Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP

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Trust Provides The Gateway For Safety

The latest contribution from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust is helping to keep children using the play area at Shobdon safe. £650 was donated by the Trust to provide a self closing gate for the play area.

The play area at Shobdon is used by parents and toddlers as well as pupils from the nearby primary school and with its location on the main road the threat of cars is always on the minds of parents.

The entrance to the play area was so close to the main road that there wasn’t space to manoeuvre prams into and out of the original gate without getting either parent or children perilously close to the traffic. A new layout for the entrance to the play area and a new safer gate was just the tonic that was required.

Ann Kent-Phillips clerk to the Parish council said “It is a fantastic thing what the Trust is doing and the residents of Shobdon are extremely grateful for all the assistance they have had.

The old gate at the play area had been vandalised and would no longer close, but thanks to funding from the Trust we have been able to purchase a metal self closing gate to keep our children safe.”

The Kingspan Insulation Community Trust was set up in order to benefit the residents of the three Parishes of Shobdon, Pembridge and Kingsland. Funding can be given for projects that meet one of the Trust’s four objectives which cover conservation, encouraging biodiversity, health and fitness of young people and road safety.

John Garbutt, chairman of the Trust said; “This is one of many projects the Trust has been able to provide funding for in Shobdon and we are delighted to see how many residents are benefiting from these worthwhile causes.”

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