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Bodenham Benefits From Eco Events

By working together, St. Michael’s C of E Primary School, Natural England and the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have created an engaging conservation programme designed to bring Bodenham together to learn more about their local wildlife with its new pond, with the help of a grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust.

The Bodenham project focuses on habitat restoration and creation, including relocating the old pond on the school’s grounds. Students helped to plant some new aquatic plants on the site to create amphibian refuges for native species, like the toad. Ecologist, Nigel Hand of Central Ecology, also delivered practical educational activities including pond-dipping, live animals, art sessions, and outdoor games.

Liz Alty, Deputy Head Teacher at St. Michael’s C of E Primary School, commented on the programme:

“With the help of the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust funding, we have been able to make a significant impact on how the young people of the village spend their time, specifically on outdoor activities that link with the natural environment. The project has successfully engaged both the pupils of our school, and the local young people as a whole.”

£4,880 from the Trust was awarded to St. Michael’s C of E Primary for fitting and setting up the new pond, improving the natural environment around it to encourage biodiversity. Promoting engagement with the natural world was one aim of the hands-on outdoor classroom, but it also sought to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of all age groups through outdoor, collaborative recreation.

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