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Expanding The Kingspan Insulation Community Trust

The Kingspan Insulation Community Trust has been supporting projects in the Parishes of Pembridge, Shobdon and Kingsland since 2006 and, more recently, Sherburn in Elmet in North Yorkshire, where the company also has a manufacturing facility.

However, the success of the Trust has meant that the quantity of suitable applications from the three Herefordshire Parishes has dwindled over the last couple of years. Consequently, the Trustees of the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust have decided to expand the Trust to include a wider geographical area around Kingspan’s Pembridge site, so that it can continue to provide funding to worthwhile projects. This change will be effective for applications submitted for the 2012 application deadline onwards.

In order to maintain a manageable but representative number of Trustees on the board, the new geographical area covered by the Trust needed to be defined in larger parcels of land than that defined by Parishes. It was therefore decided to base the eligible areas on secondary school catchment areas. These catchment areas are well defined and ideally sized, making it easier to select one Trustee for each area and ensure fair representation, whilst maintaining a workable number of Trustees.

When it came to deciding which catchment areas to include in the expanded area, it was firstly decided to include those for Wigmore High School and Lady Hawkins’ School since, between them, they cover the existing geographical area covered by the Trust in Herefordshire.

Earl Mortimer College’s catchment was included because it comprises the largest population centre in North Herefordshire, meaning that Trust funding can reach the widest number of people. The Trustees are also aware that much of the transport impact from Kingspan’s operations is felt in the Leominster area; it is hoped that funding from the Trust for road safety projects might provide means to redress this.

The fourth and final catchment area included is that of Tenbury High School. A number of years ago Kingspan sponsored the school’s specialist school application, and there has been a co-operative relationship between Kingspan and Tenbury High School since then, as there has been with Wigmore High School and Lady Hawkins’ School, so it was natural to extend that relationship to the Tenbury community as a whole.

It should be noted, that despite these relationships between Kingspan and local secondary schools, and the fact that the new Trust area is defined by their catchment areas, this conveys no special advantage or status to the schools, when it comes to Trust funding.

The Trustees did appraise extending the Trust to a wider area around Kingspan’s Pembridge site, but considered that, for the time being, further expansion, would stretch available funds too thinly. However, this judgement will be kept under review, and further expansion at some future date is not ruled out. No changes have been made to the coverage of the Trust in North Yorkshire.

Application forms and details of projects that have already been helped by the Trust since it was set up can be viewed on the website;

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