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Outdoor Play For The Children Today

Thanks to help from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust, children at Shobdon Playgroup have been enjoying a fun-filled summer of outdoor play.

Shobdon Playgroup caters for children ages 2 to 4 years. It is situated within the building occupied by Shobdon Primary School and has suffered from several problems over the past few years: at times facing closure. However, thanks to a hard working committee it has overcome its problems and is now a thriving group.

The playgroup was awarded a grant from the Trust following its request for educational “active” play toys.

Sam Mizrahi of Shobdon playgroup said: “We are delighted to have received the £500 grant from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust because without it we would not have been able to purchase the outdoor play equipment.

We felt it important to keep the children involved as much as possible and therefore got them to choose the outdoor play equipment. They chose a Speedy Trike and Trailer Pick Up, Giant Top and the particular favourite an Eight Section Caterpillar”.

With the fresh air and physical activity involved, outdoor play offers children unlimited entertainment at the same time as developing their skills and promoting cooperative play.

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