Kingsland’s Millennium Green play area

Registered Charity Number 1116148
Patron: Bill Wiggin, MP

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A New Layer To Kingsland Millennium Green

Thanks to a grant of £523 from the Kingspan Insulation Community Trust for the purchase of wood chippings, the play area at Kingsland Millennium Green is now a safer and more comfortable place for children to play.

Following a visit from Health and Safety officials it was confirmed that an extra layer of wood chippings needed to be added to the play area.

Jackie Markham spokesperson for the Millennium Green Trust said “We are extremely grateful to the Community Trust as they listened and responded to our needs and without their help it would have been extremely difficult to raise the £500 for the chippings. ”

“Having read about the first batch of grants this year, we felt we stood as much a chance as anybody else in being successful with our bid and are glad we applied”

The Kingsland Millennium Green Trust was registered as a charity with the objective of creating a Millennium Green for the village, manage its development and maintenance, and protect the historical features and environment whilst allowing access for all.

With the enthusiasm and determination of the Kingslanders, the Millennium Green Trust has secured interest free loans, grants and developed innovative fundraising ideas in order to progress their plans.

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